has also grown again by 65 percent in the past year. This growth has been going on for years and everything is now being done to maintain the growth. This is achieved, among other things, by expanding the physical network. There are currently seven physical stores, but there will be a total of thirty in the coming months. is an example of a company that knows how to apply the right Omni-channel strategy.


Omni-channel strategy

The Omni-channel strategy does not only focus on the online and physical sale of bicycles with sharply competitive prices. After all, a total experience is offered to customers. It sometimes happens that a bicycle needs to be repaired. Or that a flat tire needs to be repaired. In that context, there are already two hundred service points available in the Netherlands that are formed by independent entrepreneurs. The service points are responsible for maintenance and repair. The independent entrepreneurs therefore join Independent bicycle shops can also join the service network.

The Omni-channel strategy is now expanding further into physical stores for an important reason. There are many consumers who want to experience the new bicycle before purchasing. Current bicycle shops are incidentally integrated into the online customer journey. When looking for locations, the physical origin of visitors to the webshop is considered. It is therefore examined where the interested person lives. Population density also plays an important role.

Data play an important role is not the only company that started online and is now expanding with physical locations. There are more examples of this. For example Coolblue, but also and Amazon in the United States who are making progress with Bookstores and Fresh branches. Naturally, data plays an important role in defining a further strategy and determining policy. In order to optimally streamline a purchasing process, it is important to know as much as possible about the online search behavior and purchasing behavior of consumers. In the example of, a large stock is held as standard, so that demand can be met quickly. When the weather is nice, the demand for bicycles increases. In that context, for example, the weather forecast is also examined in order to determine the occupancy of the helpdesk.

The following is important with regard to the customer experience in combination with a sophisticated Omni-channel strategy. In the area of customer recognition, it is important that there is an integrated solution. In this way, customer recognition both online and offline is exactly the same. This includes loyalty systems, but also delivery, service and payment. The customer experience is becoming increasingly important. The course from exclusively online is now shifted to the perfect combination of online and offline.

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