Black Friday, this year on Friday, November 27, has been the starting signal for the Ecommerce high season for several years in a row. The volume of orders will reach record highs until Christmas. Not only Sinterklaas, all parcel deliverers are working overtime. It is almost unavoidable that this leads to longer delivery times. That's the downside of Ecommerce and the holidays: the pressure is on and it requires maximum effort to keep up with the pace. But Ecommerce and the holidays mainly mean extra opportunities. Be smart about it.

Web shops are already experiencing heydays due to corona. The month of December adds to that. The government still discourages consumers from seeking out the hustle and bustle of physical stores and so the alternative is quickly found: online shopping. So wet your chest for an exploding question. The industry expects 20-25% more sales in between Black Friday and Christmas.

Save your customers from a downer

Because a very strong sales peak will occur in a relatively short period of time, web shops and carriers will have to pull out all the stops to avoid disappointment among customers. After all, no more annoying than ordering a Christmas present that will be delivered a week after Christmas. That is why providing clear information and managing expectations are crucial these days. Be extra transparent about ordering procedures, stocks and delivery methods and times, both on your website and in all marketing efforts. And let your customers know that the earlier they order, the smaller the chance of a downer.

In the meantime, the trade association is taking the lead by making consumers aware, on behalf of the Dutch web shops, of the peak periods and the logistical problems that may result. The campaign has been running since 27 October Be prepared - Order on time, following on from 2019. This year the call is more urgent than ever. By means of 'Order on time tips' hopes to manage online shopping traffic to some extent.

Ecommerce and the holidays, always a challenge

On the one hand, as a web store, you do everything you can to prepare yourself optimally for the crowds at the 'front', on the other hand, the 'back' also requires maximum attention. Timely interaction and information exchange with your logistics partners are crucial. The better warehouses and carriers can estimate what is coming their way, the better they can plan. Admittedly, it is always difficult to make forecasts, but consulting and analyzing relevant data will go a long way. And that's always better than just letting things go their own way.

All in all, you can assume that thorough preparation is important for the customer experience. That takes effort, of course. But let's first say that Ecommerce and the holidays are first and foremost a celebration of extra opportunity. If you take advantage of those opportunities, the month of December promises an unparalleled boost for your turnover. Respond to trends in time, make optimal use of your customer data, create contact moments with existing customers and ensure there is enough December atmosphere on your platform. On the internet you will find many tips in relation to Ecommerce and the holidays. Get inspired.

Optimal response to Ecommerce and the holidays? 10 tips!

To make it easy for you, we have already selected ten tips.

  1. Based on your data, determine which holidays were most relevant to your turnover in previous years and emphasize them.
  2. Set out a clear marketing strategy and link it to a budget. Use data to determine which actions and channels previously yielded you the most.
  3. Make sure your stock is in order so you don't have to say 'no'. Also think of festive packaging materials and put extra emphasis on this in the sales funnel.
  4. Convince yourself that the technology of your website can handle the crowds without sacrificing quality or speed.
  5. Trigger customers to make additional purchases and come back. Provide special offers tailored to the respective holidays. Use data for an optimal customer experience.
  6. If necessary, deploy extra forces on your customer service and train your people.
  7. Make sure routine processes are optimally automated.
  8. Reward loyal customers with discounts or - better still - a gift in the atmosphere of the December month.
  9. Support your advertising and promotional activities on social media. Get customers to 'talk' about you.
  10. Be one hundred percent transparent about shipping costs and delivery times. Never make things more beautiful than they are. Inform your existing customer base about the benefits of ordering on time and include this in your marketing.

Ecommerce and the holidays, you better be ready. Do you still have doubts about the technique? Sign up for a teleconsult.

We wish you profitable holidays!


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