Black Friday 2020 takes place online - read the tips

Black Friday 2020

In times of corona, you don't go grabbing with eighty people on ten square meters in bins with discounted underwear. Also, you are not being smart when you are standing around waiting for the opening gong to get that almost free smartphone or laptop. Social distancing is and remains the motto. Also on Black Friday 2020, the bargain festival that sometimes evokes less social traits in consumers. The event will mainly take place online this year. The preparations are in full swing.

Black Friday 2020 falls on November 27. It will be a hit all week. The internet is already full of Black Friday deals. BCC promises discounts of up to 40% on televisions, phones, tablets and washing machines. Coolblue goes one step further. They already start on their own Blue Monday (November 23) and continue through Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday. In addition, the successful white goods and electronics chain is announcing an early Black Friday party from 10 to 12 November. Then it is Singles Day, originally a Chinese initiative for single online bargain hunters.

Black Friday 2020 mainly brings opportunities for Ecommerce

The phenomenon that has blown over from the US is an initiative of shops to suck in as many people as possible on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Everyone understands that in the light of the current corona wave, this is not a laudable endeavor. Despite calls for a stricter lockdown, it seems that physical stores will not need to be locked for the time being. But it is doubtful whether it will be busy on Friday, November 27. The 1.5 meter measure is still in effect. The event seems to be moving more towards online channels. That means: additional opportunities for Ecommerce.

Large platforms and smaller web shops at home and abroad are preparing for an online sales offensive. Special Black Friday Websites clearly map the brands, promotions and offers, which makes it even easier to get started online. According to expectations for 2020 are high and all brands are participating. The Netherlands seems ready to do massive online shopping for Sinterklaas and Christmas.

It's going to be crazy around Black Friday 2020

In Marketingtribune, the founder of, Frans van Riemsdijk, shares those high expectations. Referring to the Ecommerce records posted during the first wave of corona (up 54% online retail sales in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same quarter in 2019), he expects Black Friday online to be more spectacular than ever seen before . 'This year will probably be completely crazy'.

The internet entrepreneur links to his prediction a series of tips to get the best possible return from the spectacle in the future. We take over a few of them:

  • ensure clear deals and make the financial benefit clearly visible;
  • link successful products by giving a discount when buying several products at the same time;
  • deploy easily recognizable and consistent promotional campaigns on all channels where you are active and don't forget social media.

More Black Friday 2020 tips

Van Riemsdijk also points to the possibility of using influencers. Own channels, such as your E-newsletter, should of course not be missing to put the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions in the spotlight. And create a special Black Friday landing page.

If we shop through the many Black Friday tips on the internet, we see a number of them return in all lists:

  • make timely preparations, allocate a lot of marketing budget and ensure tight timing;
  • always be honest with your customers: deliver what you promise and ensure unambiguous communication around your offers;
  • do your best to be unique and original;
  • seek connections with colleagues and respond to themes;
  • don't limit yourself to that one day, but make sure you have a long run-up and a finish over the weekend.

Get ready

According to, the weekend after Black Friday (28 to 30 November) is even crucial. It is the last weekend before Sinterklaas and the consumer is still completely in the Black Friday delusion. According to this site, as a webshop you cannot ignore the bargain phenomenon. 'As an Ecommerce player you MUST get started'. All online shoppers are in the starting blocks and smart digital retailers realize a third of their annual turnover in this short period of time. Incidentally, that only works with real discounts. Consumers are not enthusiastic about 5%. Discounts must be at least above 10%.

Is your website stable and fast enough for when it soon becomes a storm with Black Friday 2020 bargain hunters? Have it tested and take action on time. Do you have enough inventory to keep your delivery promises? Leave nothing to chance. Provide good payment options and give something away. Black Friday 2020 holds great promise for Ecommerce. But you have to do something for that. Also read our tips once more.


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