Customers value personal communication. In any case, this can be deduced from a study carried out by Ricoh. This shows, among other things, that consumers in Europe believe that their needs are considered more important by small brands. The majority of respondents share this view. A minority of 21% thinks that it is the larger brands that give the customer more attention and take the needs into account. Consumers have a need to benefit quickly and efficiently from the service of companies in a personal way.

Customer loyalty through personal communication

There is much to be gained by investing in increasing customer loyalty. This can be done, for example, by perfecting customer service. Small and medium-sized companies can compete with large companies. Conversational Commerce, in which customer contact and Ecommerce go hand in hand, is an excellent instrument for this. Technology can be used to improve the speed, quality and efficiency of customer contact. This method is not only customer-friendly, but also increases knowledge about customer behavior.

Conversational Commerce

Chatbot technology can be used to initiate personal communication with customers. It is about promoting the interaction between company and customer because this leads to loyalty. It is not without reason that more and more companies are investing in the possibility of responding directly to questions. Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook are used for this, but also Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. By combining a Chatbot with these channels you can communicate directly.

Messenger bots

By using Conversational Commerce through a “Messenger Bot”, more and more people can be addressed in a personal way without the costs for personal contact being extremely high. Travelers can already check in at KLM via Messenger, for example. In America, H&M is working with the chat app Kik. Via this app you can make a choice for different outfits. Based on this, a style profile is drawn up by the company. This makes it easier for a customer to make a choice that suits him / her person. Conversational Commerce is a broad concept and these are just a few examples. There are many options for turning customer contact into a “profit center”. It forms an excellent basis to get to know the customer, to sell and to maintain the relationship.

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