Data collection and privacy require attention but do not benefit from hysteria

Data collection and privacy
Also read the 6 Ecommerce privacy tips at the bottom of the article!

Attention to the issue of data collection and privacy regularly flares up. I am thinking of the actors of the theater company 'De Verleiders', who took place at the table of the Wereld Draait Door. They were given the opportunity to advertise their new performance #Niksteverbergen. Their conspiracy theories about data collection and privacy sounded hysterical and do no good to the serious privacy issue.

The company previously performed a piece about the financial world. Now they are going into the country with a performance in which they want to denounce online data collection and privacy. Bee The world moves on the actors sketched a horror scenario. Shortly after the broadcast, the company was washed from various angles. Still, many viewers will have stuck to the message that governments, banks and Ecommerce companies 'hacked our brains'.

Nonsense about data collection and privacy puts Ecommerce in bad light

The actors mainly criticize the government and banks, but online companies also get criticized. It was said about tech companies: “They know where you live, how much money you have, what your lifestyle is and what your needs are. You have a 73 percent chance of getting married to this and that and you have so many children. So you have to buy this house. We have certainly done that for you. We give you a discount, but after that you are obliged to buy our stuff. ”

It is scare, based on one-sided information. Data collection enables Ecommerce companies to tailor their product range and offers more precisely and better to individual consumers and to map purchasing behavior. One consumer appreciates this, the other less. Consumers who are concerned about data collection and privacy can take measures to prevent this. Because privacy in Europe is quite well regulated, for example by the new privacy law.

Half of Dutch online shoppers have questions about data collection

Nevertheless, it is important for Ecommerce entrepreneurs to continue to handle the issue carefully. A 2018 report by the Ecommerce Foundation on the online state of affairs in the Netherlands states that 48 percent of all Dutch online shoppers question data collection and privacy. Young people aged 14 to 20 are the least concerned about this, according to the generation profiles in the report, which you can do for free to download.

6 tips for a solid privacy policy

An Ecommerce privacy policy that has been tested against the new European laws and regulations is and remains of great importance for the reliability and continuity of your online business. Maybe these six tips will help you.

  1. clarify who is responsible for the privacy policy within your company;
  2. mirror what other reputable companies are doing in this area; (is not always a good example!)
  3. regularly check and test your privacy procedures (identification procedures, processing of payments and financial data, retention period of names and passwords, use of analysis and tracking tools and cookies, etc.);
  4. issue a clear privacy statement and act accordingly;
  5. actively propagate and distinguish yourself from your privacy policy;
  6. ensure systematic maintenance and updating of all techniques and systems that are crucial in the implementation of your privacy policy.

And whether you are a consumer or E-entrepreneur, or both, do not believe everything you hear at the table at De Wereld Draait Door or in the theater!


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