Every crisis affects consumer behavior, offline and online. It is too early to draw conclusions from the current corona crisis that is gripping the world. But it is almost certain that consumers will adapt their shopping and buying behavior to the new reality. What does that mean for your online marketing strategy? In other words, how does corona affect online marketing? A first exploration.

The spread of viruses is via people-to-people contacts. Hence the urgent instruction to stay a meter and a half apart and to stop shaking hands. How long does this stick with consumers? Nobody knows that. In any case, it is to be expected that consumers will prefer the coming period touch-less retail, which leads to more buying and ordering online.

First corona online marketing trend: focus on touch-less delivery

A new phenomenon is emerging: contactless distribution and delivery. So it gave business magazine Forbes already strong proof that corona affects online marketing. A large number of companies, especially in meal delivery, advertise online with touch-less delivery. Has this set the first corona online marketing trend? Distribution and delivery methods are expected to change and much attention will be paid to this in the online marketing strategy. That is one aspect on which corona touches online marketing.

The consumer is careful and will remain so for a while. In that sense, the coronavirus has shaken the world up. This thoughtfulness concerns not only any physical contact during transactions, but also spending patterns and brand loyalty. In times of uncertainty, consumers are looking for something to hold onto. A trusted webshop or a proven brand can offer that. A crisis period is ideally suited to respond to that need for security and to invest extra in customer retention. The way in which corona touches online marketing will lead to an increase in online customer loyaltyprograms.

The more corona influences online marketing, the stronger the need to personalize the customer journey

The longer the corona crisis continues, the greater the chance of a recession and consumers will spend less. They will also spend their money on other products. Think of home entertainment and home fitness Products. This is a huge challenge for marketers. After all, accents in the range will shift based on changing purchasing behavior and additional online marketing efforts will be required to optimally facilitate the customer journey. Assume that the extent to which corona already has online marketing in its grasp the need for personalization of the customer journey accelerates significantly. This takes the urgency to invest in an appropriate one Customer Data Platform to.

Many consumers are currently house bound. Chances are that people will continue to spend more time at home even after the crisis. After all, even when the infection peak is over, no one knows whether the virus can resurface quickly or whether no other viruses are lurking. The uncertainty remains for the time being. This allows you to count on your fingers that social media use is increasing and that real-time TV platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Online marketing and advertising will therefore focus on this.

Now that corona is infecting online marketing, marketing automation is a must

Changing consumer behavior presents major challenges for online marketers. With corona online marketing undeniably infected, adjustments are needed to keep a grip on the consumer. This places high demands on the creativity and inventiveness of the online marketer. It is more important than ever to monitor consumer behavior closely and to monitor consumers at every stage of the sales funnel hold up a mirror and offer something to hold on to.

It is crucial to think carefully about how you systematize and automate Ecommerce marketing processes. Want to make sure you're in the customer journey at the right momentum the right one trigger generates? Then take the time to lay a solid foundation underneath marketing automationThe fact that corona is directing online marketing in new directions increases the urgency of innovative marketing. The crisis is bad enough. Take timely measures to protect your company against the virus with an effective and future-proof Ecommerce and online marketing strategy. To be continued.




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