A vast majority of all Dutch online consumers understand that Ecommerce companies are facing obstacles due to the corona crisis. Examples of temporary inconveniences are longer delivery times and stock problems. Thuiswinkel.org would like everyone to understand that working conditions are challenging. That is why a television campaign has started. This shows that the sector is committed to keeping the Ecommerce delivery times within bounds.

As a result of the corona crisis, many online stores are seeing their orders grow extremely. The question is whether this growth will also benefit turnover and profitability. It is true that the number of transactions increases, but the spending level decreases by about ten percent. This is because the increased pressure is mainly due to smaller purchases. Before, before the corona crisis, consumers used to go to physical stores for small groceries. Now almost everything happens online. Service promises are changing as a result of the increased crowds. Consumers no longer receive the optimal service they are used to. although ordered today, delivered tomorrow has long been one of the most important assets, consumers now see the Ecommerce delivery times increase sharply.

Audience Shows Understanding For Stretching Ecommerce Delivery Times

According to research from Thuiswinkel.org and NetPanel, 80% of the online buying public can live well with the longer Ecommerce delivery times. Everything shows that people understand that packages arrive a little later as a result of the busy schedule on the one hand and the specific corona measures that mainly affect distribution centers and the transport chain on the other. To cultivate public understanding among the remaining 20% as well, the Ecommerce sector has developed a goodwill campaign. The first TV ad was broadcast on Friday, April 10. As a trade association, Thuiswinkel.org receives airtime as a gift from the Star.

Through the campaign, the sector shows what happens behind the scenes from the moment the consumer orders a package. Wijnand Jongen, director of Thuiswinkel.org, tells at the own website“As a sector, we want to serve all consumers in the Netherlands as well as possible. Fortunately, this is also possible with the adapted method, but it may take a little longer for people to have their package at home. We ask for understanding. And we show that we work hard at the back and have everything under control. ”

Flexibility and adaptability

In the Netherlands alone, the Ecommerce sector is currently responsible for more than 1.5 million parcels delivered daily to consumers. This means that the volume corresponds to the festive month of December. However, on the December month, webshops can prepare in time every year. On the other hand, the current peak is more or less out of the blue. This requires maximum flexibility and adaptability. Especially from distribution centers and delivery companies. For example, the demand for additional logistics employees is enormous at the moment. Because many freelancers who see their work drop out help out in order to earn extra income, it is possible to discuss the increase in Ecommerce delivery times to some extent.

In the meantime, a number of countries are having the reins celebrated. Dutch policymakers are also increasingly discussing the organization of the post-corona era. The tendency is that everyday life never becomes what it used to be. To illustrate: the concept one and a half meter economy has made its entry. Chances are that social distancing will remain crucial to curb the Covid-19 virus until at least the end of 2020. This means that the upward trend in Ecommerce will continue for the time being. This forces everyone in the sector to think about it future-proof services.

Communicate about Ecommerce delivery times and corona measures

For the longer term, it is crucial to adapt your technology and data facilities to it new normal in Ecommerce. After all, mapping your target audience and knowing your customers and their needs is more urgent than ever to add value to the customer journey. In addition, it is especially crucial for the shorter term to communicate transparently about your stock, your delivery times and procedures and adjusted return periods. Above all, communicate about the measures you take as an Ecommerce organization to guarantee the safety of your products, packaging and personnel. Finally, place extra emphasis on your chat and service functions and do not hesitate to take up the TV campaign that on behalf of the entire sector demands an understanding of the longer Ecommerce delivery times resulting from the corona crisis. Want to catch up digitally? Send us a message.



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