Despite the fact that M-commerce is growing faster than E-commerce, there is also a bizarre growth of the worldwide Ecommerce. The report of eMarketer shows that this year there is a value of 1.69 trillion euros. Moreover, it is predicted that growth will be unstoppable in the coming years. In 2020, global Ecommerce sales will increase to 3.6 trillion euros. This concerns online sales, in which tickets and travel are not included. For this year's online retail, it is forecast that there will be 23.7 percent growth. So invest in loyal customers by applying Customer Lifecycle Management!


Ecommerce share of total retail turnover increases

Ecommerce's share will increase relative to total retail sales. It is therefore important to focus on online sales. This not only applies to the B2C, but also to the B2B and C2C sector. Everyone knows that it can be difficult to acquire new customers. That therefore deserves the necessary attention. However, it is also important to retain customers. A one-off customer is a lost (expensive) customer. Customer Lifecycle Management is an instrument that can be used to make customers come back more often.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management and customer value optimization go hand in hand. Communication with the customer is the key word here. This does not only apply to direct contact. Hidden contact, such as surfing behavior and purchasing behavior, also plays a role.

Data analysis forms the basis for arriving at the ideal plan of action. Finding out the reason for active purchasing behavior offers the opportunity to communicate with the customer at the perfect time. This in turn leads to a higher conversion on communication. By making contact at the right time, it is considered a service rather than a nuisance.

Develop the right strategy

An advantage of applying customer value optimization and Customer Lifecycle Management is the measurability. The fact that there is measurability also means that there is the possibility of exerting influence. In this way, results can be continuously improved. Incidentally, communication is not the only means that can be used to let a customer remain a customer.

Ecommerce Result has the possibilities to let a customer remain a customer. Resources Needed To Benefit From The Growth Of Global Ecommerce. Our experts are happy to assist you in developing the best strategy. Or with regard to the implementation of a complete customer value optimization and Customer Lifecycle Management process. The application of the combination of resources and tools in the field of Ecommerce is our strength, from which you benefit.

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