Apps Mobile Ecommerce form an efficient sales channel on mobile devices. Retailers with a shopping application see a clear increase in sales via the app. 52 percent of all online transactions is an Apps Mobiel Ecommerce transaction. This shows a slight increase compared to last year. This information comes from Criteo's six-monthly State of Mobile Commerce Report.

In the Netherlands, online retail is a mobile transaction in 37 percent of sales. Apps in Ecommerce easily guide consumers through the sales process. The customer is taken at the entrance and guided to the exit. Customers often have to find their way on a mobile website. It is not surprising that apps Mobile Ecommerce leads to a three times higher conversion compared to a mobile website.


Apps Mobile Ecommerce

In the field of Ecommerce, especially with regard to mobile devices, there is a striking difference. The smartphone is more often used for online shopping than a tablet. The smartphones are far ahead in terms of sales via apps and the tablets are lagging behind. To paint a picture: 70 percent buy via smartphone and 30 percent via tablet. These data relate to the second quarter mobile sales in 2016.

It is logical that the smartphone is used more often for online shopping. The consumer nowadays has grown with the device. You have practical control over the web store. The step to shop online is therefore small. If you are also guided through the sales process via the app, then the loot for the web retailer has arrived.

Incidentally, it is still interesting to mention that the iPhone is used more often for online purchases than Android devices. Compared to last year, there is a larger growth in percentage among users of Android devices. However, the iPhone is still ahead of the Android devices.

Omnichannel strategy

For online retailers it is important to pay attention to Mobile Ecommerce as part of the Omnichannel strategy. Online sales via mobile devices are only increasing. Offering a mobile website or app is an indispensable additional sales channel in addition to the existing (web) shop.

Apps Mobile Ecommerce does not have to be an end in itself, but can be implemented within the company. By properly shaping the Omnichannel strategy, there is a conversion optimization and a significant increase in customer value. Avoid missing the boat and seeing your turnover drop.