From the report 2017 Mobile 500 from Internet Retailer shows that there is a big growth in M-commerce. The big players even saw growth of more than 53 percent this year. The role of mobile commerce is growing considerably faster compared to E-commerce in general. Looking at America, there is an increase of 14.6 percent in e-commerce and an increase in M-commerce of 56.2 percent. This shows once again the importance for retailers and wholesalers not to be left behind and to optimize the webshop or website for mobile use.





Grow with it

Consumers opt for convenience when shopping. That is also one of the reasons that people shop en route or on the couch with their smartphone or tablet in hand. Setting up the mobile channel, such as a mobile website and / or app and optimizing it, naturally play an important role in growing. The interface has to be adapted to mobile use. In addition, the loading time of a mobile website plays a very important role.

Another requirement is that customers can also pay by mobile and preferably according to the most common online payment method. An important aspect in the Netherlands when optimizing mobile commerce is the implementation of the most common payment method iDeal linked to the mobile apps of the banks. Incidentally, there are many more online payment applications available, so that a combination of mobile payment methods can also be chosen. In addition, new payment solutions are coming to Europe such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay and AliPay.

If no action is taken to grow in M-commerce, this means that there will be a decline in turnover not only now, but certainly also in the future. This applies not only to the major players in the world, but certainly also to small and medium-sized companies that focus on consumers or are active in the B2B business.

Need advice on M-commerce?

Anyone who wants to grow with the increasing role and popularity of M-commerce benefits from sound advice. Ecommerce Result can help you with this. We advise you not only on the integration of mobile payment methods, but also with regard to the mobile interface, the loading speed and the underlying technology of mobile sites. The largest online stores have already made an investment in the field of M-commerce and have experienced great growth through the mobile sales channel. Moreover, it is expected that mobile sales will only increase. In our opinion, e-commerce can no longer do without M-commerce.

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