Offering dynamic content is part of Digital Ecommerce Marketing. VacanceSelect is an example of a company that is leading the way in the travel industry when it comes to digital innovation, they say in a interview to Emerce on February 8 last Users of the search engine want to be served when a search is entered. It is then important that the content displayed is as accurate as possible to the needs of the potential customer. That increases the chance of success. The provision of dynamic content takes place on the basis of the description stated in the search engine. Relevant content is shown and adapted to the given search query.


Dynamic content meets customer needs

It is certainly important to match the needs of the customer by offering content. The chance that the visitor stays on the website and buys a product, purchases a service or makes an online reservation is much greater. The bottom line is that what the customer wants is presented on a silver platter. With an exactly described search such as, 'Weekend away by the sea in South Holland', it is important that the information shown relates exactly to this.

For example, by showing a photo of the actual environment and using the title 'Weekend away by the sea in South Holland' for the informative text. The search query 'Weekend away in South Holland in a forest' shows the matching dynamic content with photo and text on the landing page. The findability of the website is also increased. This is because there is a specific need that is exactly addressed by offering the most relevant content. This shows once again that Content Marketing is an important marketing tool.

Control based on data

The correct data is of great importance to meet the exact customer needs. Business Intelligence comes into play in this area. Looking ahead is important by responding to the expectations of the customer. The basis must be solid and solid, while a data overload must be prevented. This is possible through the application of real-time interactive access to data that can be analyzed and edited. Control can take place on the basis of this information. Information from data alone is not sufficient. It is important that the information can be applied so that decision-making and management can be improved.

In the field of Ecommerce Marketing, there are several components that need each other to achieve the best result. The success of providing dynamic content is supported by the application of Business Intelligence.

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