On November 29, the last Friday of the month, the Black Friday madness erupts in all its intensity. The bargain phenomenon that has spread from the US is also extremely popular in the Netherlands. If you are a real e-entrepreneur, you will of course benefit from this and give your turnover an extra boost. Immediately afterwards you can go again, on Cyber Monday, Monday 2 December. Grab yourself the bargain hunters, who order Sinterklaas presents online at the last minute.

Black Friday is an American invention. It is the day after Thanksgiving when America flock to turkey and plum pudding to say thanks for that year's harvest. The term was coined by the Philladelphia police in the 1950s. It was a reference to the total traffic chaos as a result of the crazy Black Friday offers. Another version says that the name refers to the joyful fact that retailers can write black instead of red numbers in their books from this Friday. Because on Black Friday the star shot for Christmas shopping will sound.

Black Friday madness accounts for an additional 750 million sales

In the Netherlands, too, retail has been participating in the Black Friday craze for several years now. Both physical stores and webshops bet on offers and that does not do them any harm. In 2018, Black Friday delivered one additional turnover of 750 million euros. A large part of this was realized online, according to a count of iDeal payments. The craziness is increasing every year. Also this year, the Black Friday offers will blow your mind on the internet and in the shopping streets, leading up to Friday 29 November.

10 tips for hitchhiking

Have you already pulled out all the stops for your webshop to benefit from the success of Black Friday with the right marketing techniques? It is not too late yet. Step in and boost your sales.

  1. Think about your timing, start counting down to the Black Friday craze right now
  2. Make a smart product selection for your offers
  3. Provide a good description of your offers and conditions
  4. Create a sense of Black Friday urgency
  5. Create fanfare on your own website and ensure that your offers are immediately visible.
  6. Make good use of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram
  7. If your budget allows, use as many online / offline marketing channels as possible
  8. Deploy an email campaign to your regular customer base; make smart selections to communicate more relevant
  9. Do something extra for your most loyal customers (a CLV -> customer lifetime value selection helps you with this)
  10. Make sure your organization and the technology is completely ready

If you are going for a Google Ads campaign, it is advisable to work on it now and let your target group get excited about your Black Friday offers. If you do that just before November 29, you will go under in the online advertising violence. For example, you can find easily feasible advice for specific Black Friday advertisements Frankwatching.

From Black Friday madness to Cyber Monday boost

The Monday after Black Friday, on December 2 (immediately after noon), commerce is once again booming. Then it's Cyber Monday, the Ecommerce's answer to Black Friday and an alternative to the almost absurd crowds (sometimes with brawls) in the physical stores. In the Netherlands, more and more web shops are participating in super deals. Here too you can hitch a ride in a smart way. The tips for Black Friday are often applicable one-to-one on Cyber Monday. Do you want to make sure that next year you have the right technology and tools to make it even more successful? We are ready for you with one independent and expert Ecommerce / Marketing IT advice based on years of practical experience.


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