The Dutch online fashion world has an important fashion search engine: Lyst. At the end of January, the international Ecommerce company announced that it would also focus on the Netherlands, shortly afterwards the NL platform went live. Lyst will certainly shake up the online fashion world, but it also offers new sales prospects for the many fashion-specialized webshops that are active in the Netherlands.

Lyst ( was founded in 2010 by English fashion and internet entrepreneurs Chris Morton and Seb Trepstra. In a short time, their initiative grew into the largest fashion search platform in the world. Last year, the platform posted $ 325 million in revenue, up 45 percent from 2017.

Through one online shop door to 5 million products offers consumers efficient access to thousands of online fashion stores through one platform. Together they account for more than 5 million products from 12 thousand brands and fashion houses. In the past year, more than 70 million online shoppers from 120 countries used the platform. This makes not only a relevant search and sales channel, but also an inexhaustible source of data for global fashion trends. has previously been active in the Italian, Spanish, German and French e-commerce fashion market. Partly thanks to the French investor LVMH Luxury Group, the platform can be rolled out further. Japan and Russia are also on the list. The expected launch of its own platform in the Netherlands ( is now also a fact. Existing Dutch platforms will have a formidable competitor with

Ecommerce market continues to grow with fashion at the forefront

Is there still room for another comparison and ordering platform in the Dutch online fashion market? If we go to fashion news site Fashion United, the signals are positive. The Belgian editorial reported on the basis of the most recent Shopping Tomorrow Consumer Research that Dutch consumers will increasingly shop online in the next five years. The experts behind this study expect 44 percent of all consumer spending to be via the internet by 2023!

Statistics Netherlands endorses this trend. In 2018, 78 percent of all Dutch people sometimes bought something via the internet, which is again two percent more than in 2017. In addition, the over-65s in particular turn out to be avid online shoppers, as witnessed by CBS trend report in which you find these percentages. And which products are the most popular? You guessed it: fashion and sports equipment. The online fashion world accounts for 56% of all online purchases. Undoubtedly, the internationally successful fashion search engine with its user-friendly reputation will conquer a significant part of it. We will continue to follow it for you.



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