You have undoubtedly encountered the abbreviation before: API. That stands for Application Programming Interface.  APIs ensure the exchange of data between different systems and applications. For example, an API on a webshop ensures automatic activation of payment apps such as iDEAL. As soon as the customer has completed the customer journey satisfactorily and wants to pay. The customer ends up in a different environment, but sees nothing of it. And there are more examples. In short, APIs in Ecommerce are of great value.

Both web shops and marketplaces are the main users of APIs. They also frequently use news sites. Because APIs offer many advantages. APIs in Ecommerce provide more flexibility and convenience. This allows you to respond more quickly to innovations and to keep up with changes in the market. The essence is that your system can optimally communicate with systems and apps of users and suppliers. Consumers switch between apps almost carelessly to make their purchases. For that reason, fast and imperceptible interchangeability is crucial. It is not without reason that Amazon developed an API that makes it possible to see and purchase products via other websites.

Don't miss out on sales: make the most of the benefits of APIs in Ecommerce

Yet many Ecommerce entrepreneurs and IT professionals still see APIs as separate links to be developed and implemented for specific functions such as search, order and payment. If you want to future-proof your e-business, it is recommended to integrate API technology into all parts of your webshop or platform. From individual API applications to 'API-first', in technical jargon. With that, your entire system communicates with APIs. With everyone and in the same language. In other words: you eliminate the chance that you will miss out on a customer and sales because your system cannot communicate with the device that your customers are using at any given time. Life also becomes more fun internally when all parts of your e-business communicate effortlessly with each other.

APIs connect you to the global digital ecosystem

Since APIs enable fast and easy data exchange, we are well on the way to what is the API economy hot. As far as we are not already in the middle of it. Basically, in the API economy, we do business in one global ecosystem. Apps and devices can endlessly 'talk' to each other and exchange data effortlessly. APIs unlock services, products, information and applications worldwide.

In short: APIs organize the maximum access to the digital infrastructure. In today's omnichannel culture, this is key to success. If you still make too little or limited use of the benefits of APIs in Ecommerce, you will miss the connection to the expanding ecosystem. This is at the expense of the user experience and therefore your profitability. McKinsey Digital recently estimated the momentum for the global economy at an amount with eighteen zeros after the decimal point if we fully utilize the value of APIs.

Do you have to conclude from this that you have to rebuild your Ecommerce system in a hurry to keep up with the developments? Not really. But due to the connection to the digital ecosystem, it is wise to take a serious look at the way in which you already use APIs in Ecommerce and what could be improved. Put yourself mainly in your end users, your prospects and customers. Does it benefit them? Does the integration of APIs contribute to the quality of the customer journey? Let that be your main driver in every decision you make. Consider aspects such as privacy and security. Because the easier the sharing of data becomes, the greater the chance of fraud. But we also solve that challenge.

Sparring about the role of APIs in Ecommerce?

APIs in Ecommerce. They are indispensable in the global ecosystem that is becoming increasingly complex and powerful. But investing in building and applying APIs requires a focused strategy and common sense. Conduct an analysis, determine how far you are and what you are missing, and make decisions based on that. And would you like to discuss the role of APIs in Ecommerce to optimally run in the API economy? We are here for you.



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