Online Summer Sale: seduce your customers!

online summer sale

"Women exposed, act dead." It is a well-known wisdom in retail circles. The strongly increased chance of heat records requires extra creativity to let consumers choose shopping fun instead of beach fun. As the temperature rises, the shopping streets become empty. What about online purchasing behavior? There are no hard figures, but you can safely assume that your web store needs to be stepped up as well. Bet on summer offers and organize your own online summer sale.

Supermarkets constantly monitor how the weather affects their customers and adjust their offers accordingly. Online buying behavior also changes with the weather. Do we go shopping in the city in good weather and do we grab a terrace? And does online shopping mainly offer comfort and solace when it is gray and rainy outside? That is a common misunderstanding. The image is more nuanced.

Online shoppers are as unpredictable as the weather

Last year, Marketingfacts examined the relationship between the weather and the conversion rate at five webshops with a turnover of more than € 1 million. That produced a surprising outcome. The highest conversion rates were according to the research measured on days with extremely bad weather and on days with extremely good weather.

The researchers also looked at averages. This showed that days with heavy clouds and rain negatively affect online buying behavior. The best days are those with a light sun, a few clouds in the sky and an occasional shower, until recently the typical Dutch summer weather, so to speak. As it gets warmer, the appetite for purchase declines, but not extremely. So: with an attractive online summer sale you always win over customers, whatever the weather.

Make your own weather map

It is beyond dispute that the weather has an impact on your number of visitors and orders, but it is difficult to determine clearly what the impact is. Much depends on the type of products and items you sell and the speed and quality of your platform. In any case, it is interesting to keep track of what weather conditions do to your customer base via Google Analytics. This always provides leads for promotions and offers. You do not control the weather, but you do manage your online strategy.

Rain or shine, every season needs its own impulses. This certainly applies to the summer period. Don't put your online marketing activities on the back burner, but rather increase them and adapt them to the circumstances. Life takes place outside in the summer, so focus on mobile marketing. Do something extra for existing customers, for example, by emailing them an attractive online summer sale offer, and draw extra attention to your summer products.

Clean up your old stock with a dazzling online summer sale

Clean up your old stock with your own online 'summer sale' and use tempting discount codes. Start a savings campaign and make sure that you are talked about on social media. People have a lot of free time and will regularly spend it surfing their mobile phone or tablet to see if there is something nice for sale somewhere. So create as many contact moments as possible during the holiday season and respond to summery emotions.

Do you specialize in products that you cannot put on the pavers during high summer? No worries. Use the quiet period to think carefully about your strategy. Summer can be a great reason to take a critical look at your advertising campaigns, your content and product presentations. Or to be advised in peace about the desirability and possibilities of a new one Ecommerce Platform.

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