- Is a PIM system useful for my company?

- Which system fits my business best?

Product Data Check

    After this 8 questions (3 min.) you will know if and which type of Product Information System you need.

    These questions are about the essence of Product Information Management for your company. After answering you will know whether a PIM system is useful for your company, and if so, which type. We will send you an email with tips and recommendations on which type of system suits your business best.

    Question 1: Which of the following types characterizes your business?

    Question 2: In which countries do you currently sell or plan to sell?

    Question 3: Which sales channels do you use or do you intend to use?

    Question 4: How many different products ( SKUs ) and variations does your company supply?

    Question 5: In which way / system do you manage your product data now?

    Question 6: How many languages of product data do you have / do you want to use?

    Question 7: How do you deliver your product information to customers?

    Question 8: Which of the following characteristics apply to your products?

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