Ecommerce Scan

A lot has changed since the start of the online shopping phenomenon around 1998. Whereas the first webshops were completely set up by clever Pearl or PHP programmers, there is now a wide array of standard solutions available for setting up your own webstore. In The Netherlands the number is already around 50,000! But more and more e-commerce companies that were started in the period up to 2007 are having to deal with stabilising or even diminishing turnover figures. And this while the online market is still showing an annual growth of approximately 10%. This situation demands a thorough Ecommerce scan. A company-wide scan that highlights strategy, organisation, IT and marketing. What can be done better and more efficiently? How do I lower costs and increase profits? How efficiently do our systems and staff work? Our very experienced consultants will compare your activities with market averages and branch figures. After the Ecommerce Scan we will help you, should you so desire, with the execution and monitoring of changes or reorganisations.

Ecommerce Scan Strategy

During the strategy phase we will organize one or more workshops to test whether your corporate strategy is not only anchored widely in your company, but is being adhered to as well. If at this point differences surface already we shall, in a follow up workshop, test your strategy further with your personnel and where necessary formulate and work on proposals for improvement. The workshops are generally held with members of the board and/or with members of the management team.

Ecommerce Scan Organisation

Strategy changes usually bring about changes in the organisation. But more often than not hardly any attention is given to this. Staff will only change their behaviour if taken seriously. Many times processes do not run well, causing a lot of “dumb” and unnecessary work. This not only demotivates the staff but also causes a lower level of service for customers and higher costs. Our organisational experts carry out interviews in your company with management staff as well as operational personnel. They will be able to produce a clear picture showing where there is room for improvement. In our experience there is room for improvement in every company.

Ecommerce Scan Processes and IT systems

A lot of time and money was invested at the time in older e-commerce systems. The insights and e-commerce solutions of the past years have changed spectacularly. By changing these processes and systems we can bring the costs down. New systems and improved processes are the reasons for greater job satisfaction among your personnel and lower costs in your organisation. Besides that, there are a myriad of technological improvements that offer you more insight in your customer and his behaviour. Through this insight you are able to bring down your acquisition costs per order substantially, by setting up a good retention management system. We also look at your logistical process and whether you are handling this yourself or have outsourced it , we will look for improvements for you.

Ecommerce Scan Online Marketing

Also in the Online Marketing field many new and smart possibilities have been developed in the past years. Is your e-commerce department aware of all these developments or are they just like many coworkers just bogged down in today’s thinking without bothering to investigate current improvements? That not only applies to generating visitors but also to improving the conversion and reducing the cost per order (CPO) amount. Our online marketing experts know all possibilities and can discern very quickly where you can implement improvements. That of course also applies to the feel, the ease of use and the conversion killers of your webshop We give you the correct insight.