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In this changing market many companies are readjusting their strategy. The primary question is most often, how can we profit from new online possibilities? There are so many linkages in each organisation that require a well-prepared adjustment. Moreover, without the appropriate strategic choices market share and turnover may be lost. Ecommerce Result offers tailor-made Ecommerce Omni Channel Consultancy. The right approach for each and every company.


For every company, be they Retailers, Wholesalers or Manufacturer/Brand, the approach is different. Determining the right strategy or making the right decisions, it all depends on the expertise that is available in the organisation. But even with various experts within the company it is still advisable to have external Ecommerce Omni Channel Consultancy specialists audit your company. We can operate as an on-call coach who is available for project meetings, and we also organise workshops and brainstorming sessions but we also guide many companies during the complete Ecommerce Omni Channel project. From strategy to the implementation of Organizational Changes, Marketing tools and Ecoommerce Platforms.


Our approach during our Ecommerce Omni Channel Consultancy is a pragmatic one yet saturated with our vast experience. Because of this practical approach it is clear for everyone concerned what we are doing and how we wish to implement the proposed changes. We invariably start the cooperation with a workshop to obtain insight in the company, its problems and the stakeholders We subsequently draw up a “road map” to visualise how we think about the steps to be taken (phases). For each phase we define the targets, the approach and the results with a predetermined amount of man-hours. The whole “road map” usually consists of three to six phases. Each phase has a separate price tag. After each phase you can decide to continue the cooperation or go it alone by making use of the acquired insight from the workshop and the first phase. In this manner you are not stuck on major investments or long-term consultancy contracts.


No thick reports that disappear into a desk drawer and are read by hardly anybody attentively, but rather you may expect from us concise, understandable, and readable accounts if you hire us for Ecommerce Omni Channel Consultancy. We get all “road map” phases done and all promised “deliverables” will be made good upon. No loose ends and clarity as to where you stand. We will gladly help you realise your projects.

Before you even take one step towards the realisation of your ecommerce and / or omni-channel ambition you will have to formulate your strategy tightly. This starts with the classic question “what business are we in?” followed closely by the question “what business do we want to be in?” If the answers to these questions are different, then we are talking about a shift in the business domain, consisting of:

– the markets – whom to target

– the products – which needs to cater to

– the capabilities – how to distinguish

Shifts in the business domain have a great impact upon your organisation. For this reason determining a clear strategy is an important condition for your ecommerce success


Elements of the Ecommerce Omni-Channel strategy

Your internal organisation as well as your outside world needs the foundation of a clear strategy. Without a clear strategy it is very difficult to set a clear course and as a result your market identity will be diffuse. All choices that you encounter on your way to realisation must be able to stand up against a set of clear strategic statements.

Our professionals are focused on achieving a clear and concise effect of the following strategic elements:

– The mission in which existence and identity are articulated

– The vision that serves as inspiration (internally and externally)

– The domain of the organisation: markets, products, capabilities

– The smart goals that give ambition to the aforementioned elements.

– Strategic plan in which it is articulated in which steps the goals will be achieved

Realising your Ecommerce Omni-Channel strategy and future should not become a journey of discovery. Enough energy is already being demanded to realise the ambition as it is. Our experts will guide you through the strategy phase and support you with the specific Ecommerce issues that you encounter along the way.


Typical issues with an Ecommerce Omni-Channel strategy

A well-formulated Ecommerce Omni-Channel strategy answers specific Ecommerce issues and forms a solid strategic framework for further design and realisation. Through our experience of many years in the domain of Ecommerce Omni-Channel strategy, we know which issues you will run into when determining your own strategy

– in-sourcing or outsourcing

– acquisition versus self building

– distribution and channel conflicts

– long term position in a vertical

– impact of both brick and click activities upon your organisation and systems

In the formation of your new Ecommerce Omni-Channel strategy we support you with the acknowledgement the important issues, identification of alternatives and determination of choices. The latter often requires one or more strategic workshops.


EcommerceResult is an independent specialised Everywhere Ecommerce Omni Cross Multi Channel advice and management agency with more than 30 years experience in retail and omni-channel sale. We are based in London and serve local as well as international companies. The partners and associates have on average 10 to 15 years of experience in one or more ecommerce and retail disciplines. Ecommerce specialists who work for their customers with passion and only stop when the work is done. We are an “End to end”agency and we advise our customers across the range of the Everywhere Commerce work field. This means that we have can boast of specialists in strategy, organisation and marketing intelligence ( CRM, CLM, BI en PA ) .

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