Business to Business Ecommerce

Are you planning as a wholesaler or manufacturer to offer better service to your customers via a business to business webshop and you do not know very well where to begin? Then let the B to B ecommerce specialists of EcommerceResult offer you their advice. We know all possibilities and challenges related to that. From strategy through process optimisation and IT infrastructure to logistics and channel conflicts. EcommerceResult really helps you ahead with B to B ecommerce.

Seting up business to business webshop

Setting up a business to business webshop involves more than you can imagine. It is therefore important to know that EcommerceResult helps you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Before you set up a B to B webshop you must think clearly about what it is that you want to achieve with your webshop and what your customers consider important and now are missing in your distribution approach. What makes your webshop different from the other webshops? What are your Unique Selling Points? How ecommerce technology can help to make your company grow is the specialty of EcommerceResult.


Worldwide coverage of your business to business ecommerce

As a company you know better than most the importance of cooperating with others. If you set up your business to business webshop through ecommerce technology and you become a part of a dealer portal, you will notice that your company will be able to grow quickly worldwide. This is possible because independent distributors in areas of less focus can buy and pay directly. By demanding payment in advance you do not run any debtor risks. It is precisely the absence of this debtor risk that that enables you to expand, within a relatively short period, the B2B ecommerce activities of your company.